Lusby, MD- The Southern Maryland Chronicle has received a video from a parent regarding a violent attack by one JV Football player on another. At the same time, their teammates encouraged it and cheered following a September 6, 2022, football practice.

The video below shows the players chanting, “Beat that N***A ASS.” The attacking student is seen shoving the victim into a corner locker and violently attacking him. This happens for several seconds before another player pulls him off, saying that’s enough. The victim is heard screaming during the attack.

According to the anonymous parent who sent us the video, the victim has suffered a concussion and is still failing concussion protocol following the last week’s attack. The anonymous parent also states that the victim’s football pads have been stolen.

The Southern Maryland Chronicle contacted Calvert County Sheriff’s Office PIO Kristen Leitch for comment. She has told us that she is reaching out to the Patuxent High School School Resource Officer. We have also contacted Calvert County Public School PIO Traci-Chappelear-Thomas for comment.

****The below video contains strong language. We encourage you not to show around children and not have the volume high*****

According to the anonymous report, the parent did file a police report, and the attacking player was suspended from the school for 3-5 days(according to the parent) and was removed from the football team. There is no word if any of the other students encouraging the attack received any disciplinary measures.

The victim was taken to the hospital that night and did not return to school until Monday, September 12, 2022. Due to the concussion, the student’s classes are being shortened.

As of publishing time, neither the Sheriff’s Office nor Calvert County Public Schools have responded to email questions regarding the incident. The Southern Maryland Chronicle will continue to follow this investigation and will update when more information is verified and when officials respond.

UPDATE 9/15/2022 @ 7:30 p.m.: The Southern Maryland Chronicle has received messages from Rene Daniels, Chief of Communications for Calvert County Public Schools, and Kristen Leitch, PIO for the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office.

Ms. Daniels states,” As this pertains to a student matter, I am unable to provide specific details. However, I can share that as per our protocols, when a fight occurs on campus school administration investigates the incident and takes action as per the Calvert County Public Schools’ Student Code of Conduct.”

Ms. Leitch states that as this pertains to a juvenile they cannot release much information. However an investigation was completed, and charges were filed. The case was forwarded to the Department of Juvenile Justice.

The Southern Maryland Chronicle will continue to investigate this as violence and bullying accusations in Calvert County Public Schools have been sent to the Chronicle on multiple occasions.

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