At the end of Tuesday’s Calvert County Commissioner’s meeting, it was clear that the recent water and sewer bills that 220 residents and 87 business owners received in late December pertaining to the EDU (Equivalent Dwelling Unit) Audit did not have to be paid at this time.

Many citizens, including local realtors of Calvert County, spoke to the relevance of an additional water and sewer bill that goes against the original.

County Administrator Mark Willis started new business with a request to pause and re-evaluate the EDU Audit results and billing procedures [Resolution 32-16, approved September 27, 2016].

As a result of consumers bringing this matter to the attention of the Commission, the Department of Public Works has paused billing that was recently distributed due to the EDU audit, but normal billing will resume. It will reassess the audit results that do not include the pandemic period of April 1, 2020 – March 31, 2022. Meter calibration will also occur, and the department will return a public report of reassessment findings to the Board of County Commissioners.

Commissioner President Earl F. Hance stated from the panel that no bills will have to be paid now. “I promise we’ll get to the bottom of this, no matter how long it takes,” he told the crowd Tuesday. Hance thanked the county citizens for reaching out to the commission and agreed that some of what he heard did not make sense. He stated the ‘system’ is about communication.

An open dialogue has now occurred, and some local citizens that received bills from the public works department within the range of three and nine thousand dollars will hold off on paying those bills.

After the board apologized for the inconsistencies, Commissioner Vice President Mike Hart stated that what matters most is how you respond to failure. Hart stated that the goal is always ‘the people of Calvert County.’

Hart also wished officer Flynt a welcome home. “I don’t believe we’ve ever had an officer shot in the line of duty in Calvert County before,” Hart stated from the panel. “I’m glad he’s home; our thoughts and prayers are with him. I’m glad we live in a place where law and order are still respected.”

Hart also welcomed the new board members, Commissioner Catherine M. Grasso, Mark C. Cox, Sr., and Todd Ireland.

Sheriff Ricky Cox was present to speak about the Local Agency License Plate Reader Grant, which will have a fiscal impact of $199.973.00. It was brought to the board’s attention on December 5, 2022. The Sheriff’s office does currently use LPR technology. Still, this updated grant will allow for upgrades to assist law enforcement with crime analysis and criminal investigations and target vehicles on a hot list.

A unanimous vote to agree on the grant passed.

The board meets on Tuesdays at 10 a.m. in the Commissioner’s hearing room in the Calvert County Circuit courthouse at 175 Main Street in Prince Frederick. The public is encouraged to participate virtually but calling 888-475-4499 or 877-853-5257. The meeting ID is 899 4188 8251. The public can also view past and present meetings at

The current term will run for four years. If the public needs to contact the board, it may do so by calling 410-535-1600, ext. 2214, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The Clerk to the board may also be contacted via the county government website. 

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