Twenty-six Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) educators have achieved prestigious National Board Certification for the first time, while 67 others successfully maintained their certifications. This makes the 2022 class of NBCT educators one of the largest in the school system’s history. AACPS now has 360 educators who have earned NBCT status, making it the second-largest school system in Maryland.

National Board Certified teachers are highly sought after in the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future and can earn an additional $10,000 or more in compensation depending on their work assignment. These teachers have invested the time and effort to better themselves, putting them in a position to invest even more in their students.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Mark Bedell said, “We should all be proud of the work they have done and will continue to do in our classrooms, and we hope that next year’s class is even bigger.”

The process of achieving National Board Certification can take up to five years. The 2022 class of AACPS educators completed rigorous assessments with the help of a professional development program offered by the school system. Currently, nearly 280 AACPS educators are seeking to earn NBCT status.

National Board Certification is a rigorous and highly respected process that assesses teaching practices and subject knowledge. Teachers who earn this certification are considered experts in their subject areas and are committed to student learning and growth.

The AACPS Board of Education is committed to supporting educators who seek National Board Certification. The professional development program offered by the school system provides resources, coaching, and guidance to educators throughout the certification process.

National Board Certified teachers bring many benefits to the classroom, including an increased ability to differentiate instruction, improved student engagement, and a deep understanding of the content they teach. The AACPS Board of Education recognizes the importance of having highly qualified teachers in the classroom and will continue to support educators seeking National Board Certification.

AACPS is proud of its 2022 class of NBCT educators and their dedication to their profession and students. The school system recognizes the importance of National Board Certification and will continue to support educators who seek to achieve this prestigious status.

The following AACPS educators achieved their initial National Board Certification status this year:

  • Amy Baer, Central Office
  • Amy Begg-Marino, Annapolis High School
  • Brooke Binder, Walter S. Mills-Parole Elementary School
  • Kimberle Campbell, Monarch Academy Annapolis
  • Amy Canterbury, Center of Applied Technology – North
  • Alexis Cutler, Tyler Heights Elementary School
  • Samantha Cygan, Old Mill High School
  • Leslie Everitt, Brooklyn Park Middle School
  • Susan Hess, Broadneck and Cape St. Claire Elementary School
  • Rebecca Hodder, Annapolis High School
  • Brittany Jester, Brooklyn Park Middle School
  • David Kellermann, North County High School
  • Kristin Koscher, Glen Burnie Park Elementary School
  • Katharine Lee, Infant and Toddler Program
  • Julie Lowman, Severna Park High School
  • Michelle McCarty, Center of Applied Technology – North
  • Shelby Mease, Monarch Global Academy
  • Danielle Miller, Maryland City Elem School
  • Jessica Overstreet, Severn Elementary School
  • Sarah Poole, Severna Park High School
  • Andrew Ritenour, Central Office
  • Lauren Robbins, Deale Elementary School
  • Kristen Sharp, Walter S. Mills-Parole Elementary School
  • Sarah Skinner, Center of Applied Technology – North
  • Katie Stower, Belle Grove Elementary School
  • Katherine Waterworth, Bates Middle School

The following AACPS educators successfully maintained their National Board Certification status:

  • Montserrat Batlle, Mills-Parole Elementary School
  • Alexis Bedingfield, Old Mill Middle School South
  • Christina Bowman, Severna Park High School
  • Melissa Caballero-Cruz, Brock Bridge Elementary School
  • Kimberly Cahill, Odenton Elementary School
  • Taryn Carter, Walter S. Mills-Parole Elementary School
  • Lisa Choo, Ridgeway Elementary School
  • Valerie Cielewich, Old Mill High School
  • Kathleen Cochran, Annapolis High School
  • Dawn Conway, Hillsmere Elementary School
  • Deborah Cooke, Glendale Annex
  • Elizabeth Davidson, Crofton Middle School
  • Carrie Deaver, Pasadena Elementary School
  • Jill Delviscio, Broadneck High School
  • Laura Dembeck, Carver Center
  • Kathleen Depman, Central Office
  • Tina DeVleeschouwer, Four Seasons Elementary School
  • Tana Dewind-Welsh, North Glen Elementary School
  • Jennifer Foard, Odenton Elementary School
  • Christiane Ford, Crofton Elementary School
  • Sarah Foy, Southgate Elementary School
  • Lisa Gahs, Solley Elementary School
  • Maria Grosskettler, Cape St Claire Elementary School
  • Karen Gummeringer, Crofton Elementary School
  • Deborah Haas, Lothian Elementary School
  • Chase Haglund, Arundel Middle School
  • John Halmi, Central Office
  • David Hamrum, South River Senior High School
  • Rhea Hartman, Point Pleasant Resource Center
  • Shavaun Hawkins, Windsor Farm Elementary School
  • Catherine Hayo, Virtual Academy
  • Jessica Howell, Annapolis Elementary School
  • Barbara Hoyt, Bates Middle School
  • Scott Hughes, Crofton Woods Elementary School
  • Emily James, Central Elementary School
  • Karen Jones, Old Mill Middle School North
  • Kara Kearney, Central Elementary School
  • Melissa Kelly, Lake Shore Elementary School
  • Susan Kiser, Sunset Elementary School
  • Terri Latham, Chesapeake High School
  • Barbara Matthews Bollino, Severna Park Middle School
  • Michelle McGee, North County High School
  • Maureen McManus, Lothian Elementary School
  • Emily Miller, Bates Middle School
  • Colleen Moore, Broadneck Elementary School
  • Shelby Morris, Cape St. Claire Elementary School
  • Kristen Morton, Hebron-Harman Elementary School
  • Jessica Owens, Hillsmere Elementary School
  • Julie Peak, Pershing Hill Elementary School
  • Shannon Pugh, Central Office
  • Lacee Quarantillo, Solley Elementary School
  • Jacqueline Reymann, Belle Grove Elementary School
  • Caroline Roskam, Windsor Farm Elementary School
  • Audrey Ruoff, Crofton High School
  • Heather Schimpf, Northeast Middle School
  • Jennifer Sears, South River High School
  • Deborah Silverman, Hebron-Harman Elementary School
  • Danielle Sinclitico, Virtual Academy
  • Timothy Smith, Crofton Meadows Elementary School
  • Lauren Snyder, Hillsmere Elementary School
  • Rebecca Sober, South Shore Elementary School
  • Angela Speach, Central Office
  • Jennifer Swiech, Meade Middle School
  • April Umile, Jacobsville Elementary School
  • Michelle Uria, Central Office
  • Kathryn Ventrudo, Shipley’s Choice Elementary School
  • Brenna Wojno, Four Seasons Elementary School

Achievers will be honored for their accomplishments during a ceremony on March 13 at Annapolis High School.

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