The Town of Chesapeake Beach has announced that it will hold a public outreach session on the Fiscal Year 2024 Utility Fund budget on April 4th. The session comes after the Town Council introduced the budget during the March 16th meeting via Ordinance O-23-10.

The outreach session will take place at the Chesapeake Beach Town Hall and will also be live-streamed on the Town’s channel. During the session, Town staff will address questions submitted by the public in advance via an online submission form.

To ensure transparency and encourage public participation, the Town has also scheduled a public hearing related to the ordinance during the April 11th special meeting of the Town Council. Members of the public who wish to provide public comment on the FY24 Utility Fund budget can attend the meeting or submit written comments in advance.

The Town of Chesapeake Beach’s Utility Fund provides essential services to residents, including water and wastewater treatment, and the upcoming budget will determine how these services are funded for the next fiscal year.

To view quick facts about the Utility Fund, the Town has provided a link on its website. The outreach session and public hearing provide an opportunity for residents to learn more about the budget and provide feedback to Town officials.

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