One would agree, there’s no greater bond than that of a mother and child. Two local southern Maryland residents said that they are thankful and blessed to see their families flourishing and look forward to the future of many more memories.

Great Mills resident, Kelly Imhof is a mother of three high-achievers. Kelly and her husband Greg own 5-1 Race Timing, a local business that electronically clocks race participants. Imhof is the mother to Annie, Emily and Peter Imhof. Annie, who was a three-sport athlete at Great Mills graduated from the United States Naval Academy and is now serving as an Ensign and will soon be a junior commissioned officer.

Kelly says she’s blessed with three amazing children. “I have always had an exceptionally tight bond with all our children,” Imhof said, “As a mom of three unique individuals, I have always considered one on one time with each of them very special.  Since my daughters are grown and out on their own, my most recent experiences have been with my son, Peter.  We play ping-pong almost daily while we talk about our day, but I really love our mom and son dates that we have a couple times a month.”Kelly said she still talks with her daughters on a regular basis.“Last weekend was probably one of our best family moments ever. Our oldest [Annie] flew in from Hawaii to surprise her sister for graduation. It was incredible.” Kelly said.Emily just graduated from Old Dominion University with honors and commissioned as a second lieutenant in the United States Army and will begin training this summer to become a medical evacuation pilot.“I’m immensely proud that they have both chosen to serve our country,” Kelly stated.

“Pete decided to graduate a year early after realizing he only needed one more class in late February, so he will now be attending High Point University this fall and will be running for their cross county and track team. “Their high level of motivation to work hard and succeed makes us both extremely proud.  We set our expectations of success when they were young, and they have always risen to the occasion.”Kelly, a diligent worker herself, said that it isn’t easy to balance work and family, but she never let anything keep her from her priority, which is her family. She wants to leave a legacy to her children to first and foremost, ‘always be kind’.“Every experience is a lesson on what to do or not do to be a better leader and person,” Kelly said. “I hope my children are always inclusive and defend those that need help or support.  I am a strict parent, with high expectations, but I am fair.  I always try to emphasize how we learn from our mistakes, and I let them make their mistakes, but I encourage communication at all times and I always love them unconditionally. They all know that.”

The Imhof’s are now growing as a family. During the COVID pandemic, Annie’s best friend KC stayed at the Imhof’s.“KC is like a second son to me,” Kelly said. “I’m going to be blessed with a new son-in-law in June.  Talen is a perfect fit for us crazy Imhof’s and we love him tons already. We’re looking forward to the second half of 2023 and all the years to come.”

Hughesville resident, Cindy Barnes and her husband Terry own Barnes Builders, Inc. where she manages all of the administrative duties. She is a mother of two daughters, Brooke and Jaimie. Cindy and Terry also host a weekly bible study in their home, they are in a Contemporary Christian band where Cindy plays the keyboard and sings. She also assists with hosting the ‘Christmas Shop’ at South Potomac Church, a yearly event for the homeless or those in need. She’s been active in fundraising and volunteerism within the community for many years. Cindy wears many hats and said she’s grateful for the gifts she’s been given, one being ‘energy’. Cindy is definitely a woman that will see things to completion when given a task. Four generations will sit around the table together on Mother’s Day this year as Cindy is now a grandmother.

Cindy said the most important legacy that she’d like to leave her children and grandchildren is that she loves Jesus and that she covers them in prayer every day.“I pray that by what I say and how I live my life would be a reflection of my love for the Lord and that they would want to follow Him in the same way.” Cindy said.

Cindy said some of her memorable moments were being a part of her children’s activities. She was ‘team mom’ for their little league ball teams for many years and coached their cheerleading squad, as Cindy was once a majorette in her day. Her mother use to be a ‘majorette mom’ for her and her sisters growing up. “I also coached their cheerleading squad and coached teams for “Odyssey of the Minds” that they both participated in through the Charles County School system for years. I volunteered at their school whenever there was an opportunity and never missed a game, a play, a concert or anything else they participated in.”

Cindy said it was time together camping as a family and making lasting memories that was important. “I hope they understand how much I love them,” she said. “How much theirhappiness means to me and how important they were and still are in my life. I still try toparticipate in their activities and now that I am a “Gigi”, I look forward to supporting my grands in the same way.”

“My mom has always had a strong belief in the Lord and has always walked by faith. She has endured a ‘surgery gone bad’, two brain aneurysms, a heart attack, and a brainhemorrhage. She has always been very active and still is. She loves dancing and has line-danced for 30 years and continues to do so at the senior center. She also loves to walk and tries to go for a walk daily, weather permitting.”

Cindy said communicating with her mom daily has always been important to her. “I have called my mom every morning and every evening and usually sometime in the afternoon as well. She is my best friend and I can tell her anything and everything and I do. I find myself saying some of the things that she engrained in me as a little girl [when there is a will, there is a way], and ‘if you can’t say something good or nice, don’t say anything at all’. “I cherish the relationship I have with my mom and I am forever grateful to the Lord for the special bond we share.”

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