Washington, D.C. – In an exciting development for drum enthusiasts, drumming sensation Greyson Nekrutman and renowned hip-hop and GOGO drummer Willie Howell will teach at the International Mid-Atlantic Drum Camp.

The camp will occur at St. Mary’s College of Maryland from July 16th to July 20th, 2023. The duo will join forces with Sheila Klotz, the camp’s founder and 2020 Hit Like A Girl International Drum Set Champion, to provide invaluable mentorship and instruction to young drummers between the ages of 9 and 22.

Greyson Nekrutman

With an impressive following of over 350,000 on Instagram and millions of views on his videos, Greyson Nekrutman has become a social media sensation in the drumming world. Nekrutman’s focus during the camp will be teaching young drummers how to apply rudiments to the drum set, sharing his expertise and experience.

This will be Nekrutman’s second year as an artist in residence at the camp, and he is also keen on helping participants build successful social media profiles. As the current drummer for the metal band “Suicidal Tendencies,” Nekrutman understands the importance of giving back to the drumming community, stating, “There was nothing like this when I was a kid…I really want to give back to the young drummers and help them any way I can.”

Joining Nekrutman and Howell, Sheila Klotz, a native of Brandywine, Maryland, will contribute her talents as a professional drummer and educator. Klotz, who graduated from West Virginia University, has always aspired to bring the world’s best drummers to “small-town America” to inspire the next generation of musicians. She emphasizes the scientific evidence that supports the benefits of drumming, especially at an early age.

Klotz points out that playing the drum set can lead to increased concentration, better communication skills, enhanced motor skills, and, in some cases, decreased hyperactivity. She refers to a brain imaging study that shows the quadrants of the brain lighting up during drumming, highlighting the high level of engagement and multi-limb independence required.

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Aaron Bertoglio, a former student of Klotz hailing from Leesburg, is completing the trio of professional drum educators at the camp. In addition, special guest artists Alex Cohen and David Stanoch will also be present, adding to the diverse range of expertise available to the camp’s participants.

Those interested in attending the International Mid-Atlantic Drum Camp still have a few spots open, but registration is filling up quickly. Visit their website to secure a place or gather more information about the camp.

The International Mid-Atlantic Drum Camp offers a unique opportunity for aspiring drummers to learn from some of the best in the industry. Including Greyson Nekrutman, Willie Howell, and Sheila Klotz, participants will receive top-notch instruction and mentorship, allowing them to explore the endless possibilities in the world of music. Don’t miss out on this chance to learn from the masters and take your drumming skills to new heights.

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