Budds Creek, MD (7/3/23) – Veteran driver Jamie Lathroum secured his first win of the season in an impressive display of skill and tire management during Monday night’s 30-lap Late Model feature at Potomac Speedway. Starting from the front row, Lathroum steered his familiar Longhorn no.6 to victory, marking his 19th career Late Model win at the track and earning a prize of $3000.

As the race kicked off, Lathroum and David Williams led the field to the green flag, with Lathroum quickly taking the lead as they exited turn number two. Behind him, Tyler Bare and defending track champion Kyle Hardy engaged in a fierce battle for the runner-up position. Bare eventually secured second place on lap 23 and made several attempts to challenge Lathroum for the lead. However, Lathroum skillfully fended off the competition and pulled away, crossing the finish line for his 68th career Potomac feature win.

“We’ve been struggling everywhere we’ve raced this season, so it feels pretty good to win again, especially here at home,” said Lathroum in victory lane. “Today is my wife Sharon’s birthday, and it’s about time I finally got her a win in this race.”

Kyle Hardy settled for a third-place finish, followed by David Williams and Trevor Collins, who rounded out the top five. The heat races were won by Lathroum and Hardy, showcasing their exceptional skills on the track.

In the 20-lap Mid Atlantic Modified main event, Hyndman, PA’s Drake Troutman, delivered an impressive performance, securing a convincing victory. Troutman took the lead from Ray Kable on the second lap and maintained a commanding lead throughout the race, ultimately claiming his second career Potomac Modified win. This triumph was especially meaningful as Troutman drove for car owner Jerry Foster, the 1997 Late Model champion at Potomac.

“Jerry Foster has given me a great opportunity this season to drive his car, and it’s nice to get him a win here at his home track,” expressed Troutman.

Ray Kable finished second, with Glen Elliott, Doug Penny, and Ryan Toole trailing behind. Penny and Troutman emerged victorious in the heat races, demonstrating their prowess in the Mid-Atlantic Modified class.

In the supporting classes, Mikey Latham secured his second win of the season and 25th career win in the 15-lap Hobby Stock feature, while Wyatt Hanson dominated the field to claim his second win of the season in the 20-lap Street Stock main event. Richard Inscoe emerged victorious in the 15-lap U Car contest, marking his second win of 2023.

The complete finish order for each class is as follows:

Late Model Feature Finish:

  1. Jamie Lathroum
  2. Tyler Bare
  3. Kyle Hardy
  4. David Williams
  5. Trevor Collins
  6. Cody Lear
  7. Kenny Moreland
  8. Rob Schirmer
  9. Tyler Emory
  10. Sam Archer
  11. DJ Garrett
  12. Corey Higgs
  13. Roy Deese Jr.

Mid Atlantic Modified Feature Finish:

  1. Drake Troutman
  2. Ray Kable
  3. Glen Elliott
  4. Doug Penny
  5. Ryan Toole
  6. Tony Wuest
  7. Jeff Sollinger
  8. Brent Bordeaux
  9. Steven Axtell Jr.
  10. Robbie Kramer

Street Stock Feature Finish:

  1. Wyatt Hanson
  2. Mason Hanson
  3. Dylan Rutherford
  4. Stevie Gingery
  5. Steve Hilgenburg
  6. Matt Tarbox
  7. Ben Pirner
  8. John Cobb
  9. Gerald Shannon
  10. Johnny Burch
  11. Bud Randall
  12. Jason Penn
  13. Savannah Windsor
  14. Raymond Reed
  15. Bobby Miexsall
  16. Bailey Tolson
  17. Jonny Oliver
  18. DNS-PJ Hatcher

Hobby Stock Feature Finish:

  1. Mikey Latham
  2. Austin Lathroum
  3. Colin Long
  4. Eric Hanson
  5. Watson Gordon
  6. Mason Hanson
  7. Owen Lacey
  8. Billy Crouse
  9. Bradley Shannon
  10. James Rainey
  11. Richie Gibson
  12. Ben Oliver
  13. Kyle Randall
  14. Troy Kassiris
  15. DNS-Justin Hatcher

U Car Feature Finish:

  1. Richard Inscoe
  2. Kelly Crouse
  3. Travis Dye
  4. Randy Wilkins
  5. Mason Foster
  6. Faith Lacey
  7. Hank Stonestreet
  8. Earl Whitehouse III
  9. Mackenzie Smith
  10. Keith Brown
  11. Brooke Bowles
  12. Emily Quade
  13. Joey Suite
  14. Stephen Suite
  15. Austin Crouse
  16. George Burch
  17. Rebecca Stone
  18. Larry Lamb
  19. Luke Vandergrift

The exciting night of racing at Potomac Speedway, he showcased the talent and determination of the drivers, with Jamie Lathroum and Drake Troutman emerging as the big winners in the Late Model and Mid Atlantic Modified divisions, respectively. Lathroum’s impressive victory in the Late Model feature demonstrated his track and strategic tire management mastery. Troutman’s dominant performance in the Mid-Atlantic Modified Main solidified his position as a rising star in the racing community.

The next event at Potomac Speedway promises to deliver another thrilling night of high-speed action and fierce competition as the drivers continue to showcase their skills on the track. Fans can expect more adrenaline-pumping moments and memorable victories as the racing season unfolds.

For more information about Potomac Speedway and upcoming events, please visit Potomac Speedway’s official website.

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