Prince Frederick, MD. – In an exciting development for environmental education and conservation in Calvert County, the Calvert Nature Society has announced a substantial donation from the Board of Directors of the Maryland Osprey & Nature Festival. The donation will go towards restoring the beloved Battle Creek Nature Center, which was severely damaged in a fire in November 2022. The center is crucial for nature education, ecological monitoring, and stewardship opportunities.

Maggie Silverman, member of the Calvert Nature Society Board of Directors received the check from Sal Icaza (left) and Rick Smith, members of the Board of Directors of the Maryland Osprey & Nature Festival. Credit: Calvert Nature Society.

The Battle Creek Nature Center, situated in one of North America’s northernmost stands of bald cypress trees, has long been a valuable resource for promoting environmental awareness. The center’s exhibits offer an interactive glimpse into the local wildlife and cultural history of Calvert County. Its educational programs, exhibits, and guided nature walks have inspired a love for nature in countless individuals while fostering an understanding of the need to protect and preserve our environment.

Joyce Baki, President of the Calvert Nature Society, expressed deep gratitude to the Festival Board for their exceptional support in rebuilding the nature center. She acknowledged the fire as a heartbreaking event for the organization and the community. Still, she highlighted that the Festival’s contribution would enable them to restore the facility and continue their mission of inspiring environmental stewardship.

The generous donation from the Maryland Osprey & Nature Festival was made possible through the proceeds of admission fees to the family-friendly event. The festival, aimed at educating participants about Maryland’s raptors, features bird walks led by Audubon guides, lectures from wildlife experts, raptor demonstrations, and up-close encounters with the birds. These funds will directly contribute to revitalizing the Battle Creek Nature Center and its vital role in environmental education, research, and community engagement for individuals of all ages.

Rick Smith, a member of the Festival’s Board of Directors, emphasized their belief in the power of nature to heal and inspire, highlighting the significance of the Calvert Nature Society’s work in raising awareness about environmental conservation. Smith expressed the Board’s honor in being part of the rebuilding process and ensuring that future generations benefit from the exceptional educational opportunities provided by the Calvert Nature Center.

The collaboration between the Calvert Nature Society and the Maryland Osprey & Nature Festival stems from their shared goal of promoting environmental awareness. Together, they aim to create a resilient and sustainable nature center that will continue to foster an understanding and appreciation of the natural world for generations.

Both organizations extend their heartfelt gratitude to the individuals and organizations that have shown unwavering support during this challenging time. They remain confident in their ability to overcome adversity and rebuild a nature center that will stand as a testament to the enduring power of community and conservation.

As the Calvert Nature Society diligently works towards restoring the Battle Creek Nature Center, they welcome donations to support their efforts. Contributions will help restore the beloved facility and enable the continuation of educational programs and the preservation of Calvert County’s natural wonders.

Together, with the support of the community, the Calvert Nature Society and the Maryland Osprey & Nature Festival strive to make a significant impact in safeguarding the environment for future generations.

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