Budds Creek, MD (7/22/23) – In a triumphant return to the winner’s circle, Waldorf, Maryland’s own Kenny Moreland secured his first victory of the season in last Saturday night’s “Larry Hills Memorial” at Potomac Speedway, putting an end to winless streak dating back to the 2020 season. Moreland’s stellar performance not only marked his tenth career track win but also brought home a hefty $5015 payday for the iconic Rocket no.24 driver.

Starting from the pole position for the feature event, Kenny Moreland made the most of his favorable starting position, dominating all 30 laps with ease. The highlight of the evening was Moreland’s strategic use of the team’s 525 Crate power plant, which played a pivotal role in securing the coveted win, fending off challenges from eventual runner-up Trevor Collins.

Reflecting on his victory, an elated Moreland attributed his success to the engine choice and his team’s effort, stating, “I think having the crate motor in the car has made me concentrate more on being a driver and getting our car right. I knew we would struggle with this motor at the bigger tracks, but we would be ok at smaller tracks, and we hit on something here tonight.”

Following Moreland’s triumph, the late model feature race saw Jamie Lathroum securing the third position, with Willie Milliken and Roy Deese Jr. rounding out the top five.

Faith Lacey achieved a clean sweep of the U-Car action that night in another notable feat. Starting with a win in her qualifying event, Lacey led all 15 feature laps, securing her first Potomac feature victory. The 19-year-old expressed joy, stating, “It feels great to get my first win finally,” and extended gratitude to her parents, acknowledging their unwavering support on her journey to victory.

Richard Inscoe, Hank Stonestreet, Mackenzie Smith, and Keith Brown performed impressive, completing the top spots in the U-Car feature race.

The Saturday night action at Potomac Speedway also showcased some other thrilling races. PJ Hatcher, the defending track champion, added to his impressive record, clinching his third win of the season and his 33rd career victory in the 20-lap Street Stock feature. Meanwhile, Eric Hanson secured his first win of 2023 in the 15-lap Hobby Stock main event, while Johnny Hardesty claimed his first win of the season in the 15-lap Strictly Stock contest.

The Late Model feature race results were as follows:

  1. Kenny Moreland
  2. Trevor Collins
  3. Jamie Lathroum
  4. Willie Milliken
  5. Roy Deese Jr
  6. Sam Archer
  7. Corey Higgs
  8. Carl Vaughn
  9. Brandon Long
  10. Rob Schirmer

The U-Car feature race results were as follows:

  1. Faith Lacey
  2. Richard Inscoe
  3. Hank Stonestreet
  4. Mackenzie Smith
  5. Keith Brown
  6. Trevor Hammett
  7. John Burch
  8. Emily Quade
  9. Earl Whitehouse IV
  10. Joey Suite
  11. Brooke Bowles
  12. Austin Crouse
  13. Mason Foster
  14. Luke Vandergrift
  15. George Burch
  16. Katelyn Lutz
  17. Rebecca Stone
  18. Kelly Crouse
  19. Travis Dye

The Street Stock feature race results were as follows:

  1. PJ Hatcher
  2. Stevie Gingery
  3. Chuckie Johnson
  4. Wyatt Hanson
  5. Scotty Nelson
  6. Ben Pirner
  7. Gerald Shannon
  8. Johnny Burch
  9. Savannah Windsor
  10. Mason Hanson
  11. Mike Bladen
  12. Jason Penn
  13. Raymond Reed
  14. John Cobb DNS-Steve Hilgenburg

The Hobby Stock feature race results were as follows:

  1. Eric Hanson
  2. Justin Hatcher
  3. Mikey Latham
  4. Owen Lacey
  5. Colin Long
  6. Ben Oliver
  7. Billy Crouse
  8. Bradley Shannon
  9. Dylan Penn
  10. Mason Hanson
  11. Richie Gibson
  12. Kyle Randall
  13. Austin Lathroum
  14. Casey Gordon
  15. James Rainey
  16. Ralph Price
  17. Watson Gordon DNS-Tommy Wagner III

The Strictly Stock feature race results were as follows:

  1. Johnny Hardesty
  2. Billy Tucker
  3. Nabil Guffey
  4. John Hardesty
  5. Larry Fuchs
  6. Jayden Hatcher
  7. James Stone Jr
  8. Daniel Knodle
  9. Patrick Kelly
  10. Ricky Sexton
  11. Sarah Culver
  12. Shawn Howsare
  13. Brian Copsey
  14. Brian Johnson
  15. Greg Mattingly DNS- John Healy

As the race season progresses, fans and competitors eagerly anticipate more thrilling action and victories in the weeks to come at Potomac Speedway.

Information for this article was provided by an original article written by Doug Watson.

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