In a powerful display of girl power, two young ladies from the Public Safety Cadet program at North Point High School in Charles County, Maryland, have recently emerged victorious in the National SkillsUSA event, securing impressive 3rd and 4th place positions. Aaliyah Davis and Keirstin Perez, both Criminal Justice students, have showcased their exceptional talents and highlighted the remarkable impact of the Career and Technology Criminal Justice Program, spearheaded by CCSO’s Cpl. Jen Brown, with invaluable guidance from other CCSO members serving as mentors and coaches.

Competing in the Quiz Bowl segment, Cadet Davis and a team of six students from North Point High School faced the challenge of answering trivia questions on current events, SkillsUSA Foundation information, and general knowledge in math and sciences. Reflecting on her experience, Cadet Davis said, “Preparing for my competition in Quiz Bowl caused me to be more aware of what’s happening in the news and current events. At times it could be stressful and intimidating, but, in the end, I had a lot of fun making new friends and competing.”

Meanwhile, Cadet Perez took on the Criminal Justice portion of the event, going solo against 40 other students from across the United States. She showcased her expertise in various police-related scenarios, such as traffic stops, welfare checks, theft reports, fingerprinting, and composing detailed reports. Exuding pride, Cadet Perez stated, “I’m so grateful for my experience with the Public Safety Cadets and the Charles County Sheriff’s Office. With their training, guidance, and support, I have learned valuable skills that will enhance my future career as well as my personal life. I’m proud to say I placed 4th in the country, and I’m excited to move forward on my journey into a career in the criminal justice field.”

Cpl. Jen Brown, who leads the Career and Technology Criminal Justice Program, shared her admiration for the young achievers, stating, “I am so proud of the accomplishments of these students. Their dedication is admirable, and I hope it encourages other students to participate in SkillsUSA.”

Sheriff Troy Berry of the Charles County Sheriff’s Office also expressed his pride in the cadets’ remarkable achievements and the efforts of CCSO mentors in guiding them throughout the year to acquire the necessary skills for the competition. Sheriff Berry emphasized the importance of showcasing such talents nationally and recognized the dedication of all involved in the Public Safety Cadet program.

The Public Safety Cadets program owes its success to the unwavering support of Sheriff Berry and the entire Charles County Sheriff’s Office staff. Their support has fostered an environment where young individuals like Aaliyah Davis and Keirstin Perez can flourish and showcase their abilities. To learn more about the Public Safety Cadets program, interested individuals can visit the Charles County Sheriff’s Office website for additional information.

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