BUDDS CREEK, MD (8/11/23) – A late-race caution flag gave Derick Quade the needed opportunity, catapulting him to victory in Friday night’s 20-lap Limited Late Model race at Potomac Speedway. This win marks Quade’s 32nd career division feature triumph and his second of the current season. Piloting the renowned Longhorn no.74, Quade showcased his seasoned racing prowess.

Kenny Moreland initially dominated the event, smoothly cruising at the front. But the caution flag on the 17th lap reshuffled the deck. Before the interruption, Quade, who had been tailing Moreland, struggled to challenge the frontrunner. With the restart, however, Quade clung to Moreland’s tail and deftly maneuvered to the inside during turn two as they approached the final lap. This deft move clinched Quade’s race lead and his eventual win.

“If it weren’t for that caution, I never would’ve caught Kenny,” Quade candidly admitted post-race. He added, “When I got to him, I tried to move him up just a little bit on the last lap, and we were able to get the job done.” David Williams rallied his way to second place, pushing Moreland to third. Cody Lear and Kyle Lear completed the top five. Quade and Wayne Bryant were the heat race victors.

Another evening highlight was Jeremy Pilkerton breaking through his season-long dry spell. Pilkerton clinched his inaugural win of the season in the 20-lap RUSH Late Model race, seizing the lead from current point leader Ed Pope Jr. from the very start. “We’ve had a good car here all season, but we just haven’t had any luck,” Pilkerton remarked post-race, highlighting the importance of the home track win.

Several other racers also celebrated victories. Wyatt Hanson earned his 3rd season win in the 20-lap Street Stock event. Mikey Latham scored his 3rd win for 2023 in the 15-lap Hobby Stock race. Jayden Hatcher secured his fourth win of the season and second consecutive in the 15-lap Strictly Stock race, while Cody Bottorf claimed his second annual victory in the 15-lap Roadster event.

Race finishes for the other categories were:

Limited Late Model: Derick Quade, David Williams, Kenny Moreland, Cody Lear, Kyle Lear, Brandon Long, Austin Lathroum, DJ Garrett, Scott Wilson, Sam Archer, Wayne Bryant, Chuck Cox.

RUSH Late Model: Jeremy Pilkerton, Ed Pope Jr, Jarrett Edwards, Megan Mann, Scooter Tippett, Mason Booze, Tommy Armel.

Street Stock: Wyatt Hanson, PJ Hatcher, Scotty Nelson, Mason Hanson, Stevie Gingery, Matt Tarbox, Raymond Reed, Marty Hanbury, Ben Pirner, Gerald Shannon, Johnny Burch, Jason Penn, Steve Hilgenburg, Bud Randall.

Hobby Stock: Mikey Latham, Kyle Randall, Justin Hatcher, Richie Gibson, Eric Hanson, Watson Gordon, Colin Long, Billy Crouse, Ben Oliver, Brad Shannon, Mason Hanson, Owen Lacey, James Rainey (DNS – Ralph Price).

Strictly Stock: Jayden Hatcher, John Hardesty, Greg Mattingly, Dylan Alton, Larry Fuchs, Patrick Kelly, Shawn Howsare, Ricky Sexton, Johnny Hardesty, James Stone Jr, Billy Tucker, Sarah Culver, Nabil Guffey (DQ – Daniel Knodle).

Roadster: Cody Bottorf, Dominic King, Stephen Suite, John Hammett, Justin Borman, Travis Dye, Robb Hitt, Earl Whitehouse, Rebecca Stone, Justin Bottorf, Trevor Hammett, Mackenzie Smith.

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