In a recent announcement from the Correctional Community Department Committee (CCDC), Co Faith Robey was distinguished as the Correctional Officer of the Quarter for the second quarter of 2023. The recognition comes from consistent dedication, adaptability, and a fervent drive to acquire and implement knowledge across all her assignments.

Sgt. Parum, CO Robey’s immediate supervisor, lauded her efforts and aptitude, noting, “[CO Robey is] always motivated and positively engaged. She is a true inspiration.” Such commendations reflect not only on Robey’s contributions but also on the benchmark of excellence within the CCDC.

One of the standout achievements in CO Robey’s rapidly developing career was her successful completion of the CCDC’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) training in May. The ERT is an elite group designed to handle high-risk situations and crises within the correctional facility. Admission into this team’s training isn’t a mere formality – it requires demonstrable outstanding work and commitment. For Robey, it marked another step in her personal and professional development commitment.

Post her rigorous ERT training, CO Robey didn’t rest on her laurels. She was immediately assigned to some of the most challenging posts within the Division, further solidifying her reputation as a reliable and competent officer. In these roles, she continues to showcase a balanced approach to her duties – building a positive rapport with incarcerated individuals while also being adept at de-escalating volatile situations. Such skills are invaluable in a correctional environment, ensuring officers’ and inmates’ safety and well-being.

CO Robey’s adaptability and willingness to assist wherever necessary have also caught the attention of her colleagues and superiors. Beyond her designated duties, she has supported other units, even adjusting to abrupt changes in her schedule or task assignments with an unwavering positive attitude. Another commendable contribution includes her active role in assisting with the training of a recruiting officer. Additionally, she has provided valuable input at the Southern Maryland Criminal Justice Academy.

Such recognition from a different supervisor amplifies CO Robey’s dedication to her role and hints at a promising trajectory in her career within the correctional community.

In summing up Robey’s achievements, it’s evident that her recognition as the Correctional Officer of the Quarter is a testament to her efforts over the past three months and an acknowledgment of her consistent dedication and commitment to her role. The CCDC concluded its announcement with heartfelt gratitude, “Thank you for your outstanding service and dedication, CO Robey!”

For those within and outside the CCDC, officers like Robey not only elevate the correctional service standards but also inspire others in the field.

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