LEONARDTOWN, MD – The Commissioners of St. Mary’s County (CSMC) have announced a crucial public hearing on Tuesday, November 14, 2023, at 6:30 p.m. in the CSMC meeting room at the Chesapeake Building, 41770 Baldridge Street in Leonardtown. The focus of this gathering will be the proposed Ordinance to Establish the School Zone Speed Camera Safety Program.

To encourage community involvement and input, the CSMC is extending an open invitation to residents to express their thoughts and concerns regarding the proposed School Zone Speed Camera Safety Program. During this public hearing, residents will have the opportunity to provide feedback, appreciation, questions, or suggestions in a respectful format. Each speaker will be allotted up to three minutes to address the Commissioners. For those who wish to review additional information before attending, relevant documents can be accessed online at the St. Mary’s County Public Hearings website.

If residents cannot attend the public hearing but wish to share more detailed feedback with the CSMC, they can do so via email at csmc@stmarysmd.com or by mailing their input to Commissioners of St. Mary’s County, P.O. Box 653, Leonardtown, MD, 20650. The deadline for receiving submissions is set for 5 p.m. on Tuesday, November 21, 2023. It’s important to note that the guidelines for public hearings are subject to change.

The CSMC is prepared to amend the proposed Ordinance to Establish the School Zone Speed Camera Safety Program based on the evidence and comments provided during the public hearing. This underscores the significance of community engagement in shaping local policies.

Residents with special needs who require accommodations during the public hearing are encouraged to request them at least one week in advance. They can contact the CSMC Office at 301-475-4200, ext. 1340, to make these arrangements. The proceedings will be televised live and recorded for later broadcast.

It is essential to recognize that all content related to these proceedings falls under the jurisdiction of the Maryland Public Information Act, making it subject to disclosure. Furthermore, photographic, electronic, and audio-visual broadcasting and recording devices are employed during CSMC meetings. By attending these public meetings, participants grant permission to the St. Mary’s County Government (SMCG) to broadcast their audio and visual images.

The CSMC County Public Hearings will be accessible to a broader audience, as they are televised live on St. Mary’s County Government (SMCG) TV Channel 95 and simultaneously streamed live on the St. Mary’s County YouTube Channel. This expanded coverage ensures that residents who cannot attend in person can still engage with and observe the proceedings.

The public hearing on November 14, 2023, serves as a valuable platform for St. Mary’s County residents to express their views and influence the direction of the proposed School Zone Speed Camera Safety Program. The CSMC is committed to making informed decisions that prioritize the safety and well-being of the community, and they welcome the active participation of residents in this important matter.

For more information on the upcoming public hearing and related documents, please visit the St. Mary’s County Public Hearings website or contact the CSMC Office at 301-475-4200, ext. 1340. Your input can shape the policies that affect the safety of St. Mary’s County’s school zones.

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