Potomac River, MD- Crowds,and boaters from Southern Maryland and neighboring areas flocked to the Potomac River on Sunday to catch a glimpse of a Boeing 747 being towed to the National Harbor in Washington D.C. The 747 is a full-sized replica of the famous plane used as “Air Force One” when the President of the United States travels . 

The barge carrying the plane started travel from Rhode Island last week and made it’s way up the Potomac River Sunday, expecting to arrive sometime Oct. 1 between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. in the National Harbor.

Video courtesy of reader John Vallandingham

The exhibit titled “Air Force One Experience” will run beginning October 19, 2018 until January 6, 2019. The exhibit is being run by The Children’s Democracy Project. Aboard the exhibit you’ll see rare Presidential artifacts from the days of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, to John F. Kennedy’s seat(used aboard Air Force One), along with images of past Presidents aboard Air Force One. 

The roughly 800 mile journey began at  Quonset State Airport, Rhode Island, and continued down the East Coast of the United States before turning into the Chesapeake Bay and up the Potomac River. The tugs, Sea Crescent and Island Trader escorted the massive plane. 

You can purchase tickets to visit the exhibit at the Air Force One Experience website.  The original Coast Mariners Notice can read here(dates changed due to weather)

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